Friday, 31 May 2013

tahu tak tahu

Second semester is almost over. Yeah, almost. Study week has finally begun and I'm trying absorb every single positive feeling and attitude to get it on with le FINALS.

Lately I've been thinking of these two  principles.
1) "Kalau tak tahu,cakap tak tahu"
2) "If you're the one at fault,take the blame"
Let's look at exhibit 1.ceh. So i learnt this statement from a friend of mine :

Me : " kalau dia(lecturer) tanya soalan pelik2 mcm mana nii?" 
Him : "Kalau ko tak tahu nak jawab ape,cakap je ah tak tahu. Senang cerita *mukapoyo*"

That somehow rings a bell. During presentations, we are always asked questions be it by teachers, lecturers or friends. And somehow, our mind setting is that we HAVE TO KNOW all the answers to their questions. Conscious alert, we are STUDENTS and we are learning. It is normal that we don't know some stuff. Problem arises when we pretend to know some facts, or even make em up. We're sending out information and knowledge to others, so why sending out the wrong ones?hmm

So next time, (a note to self as well) when you're asked stuff you don't know, just say it " I'm sorry, I have not yet done a research on that, I can't give the exact answer now." nak cakap " Sorry I don't know" pun bolehh. Tapi kasi berbunga sikit la ayat tu :P

Now let's look at exhibit 2. Ini common sense.

This usually applies in a group or pair works. In a group/pair work you need to have tolerance, understanding and responsibility. The exhibit 2 aplies under the responsibility part. Sometimes, things happen beyond our prediction and messes up our working time frame. It's normal. Especially when we're engaged in other activities. The problem is when we have a submission end date and we can't meet it. Our group members have done their part. Solution? Simple. Go and meet with our lecturers/teachers and admit. Say it's us as the reason of the work can't be submitted. Take the blame. It's ours anyway. Other people had worked hard, takkan lah we want to be selfish and let everyone be punished kan?

But of course, it's better if we can meet up with the end date and give our all in any kinds of group work.

Yeah, I do slack sometimes in a group work, and I'm still improvising my time management skills, so,

Sorry Maaf Mianhae Gommen to my group members for my wrongdoings *bows*

Humans make mistakes. Forgive them for you are not perfect as well. Acceptance is the key. ^_^

For those taking exams, pray, study and tawakkal. He knows best. InsyaAllah all of us will pass with flying colours~ Amin. ^_^