Wednesday, 28 October 2015


" Yelah,saya dah 30 tahun lebih mengajar. Saya pun dulu masa mula mula mengajar sama jugak, masuk kelas ni, kalau tertinggal lecture note, hah menggigil nih. Pastu kalau ada pelajar tanya, terus rasa panic nak jawab"
-Prof Dzol

Peace be upon you. :)

Been thinking of writing about 3 of my favourite lecturers for quite some time already. But it's always like that, think and never do anything. -.-'

Anyways, for this entry, I'd like to write about one of the lecturers that I look up to - Prof Dzol.

For my friends from Horticulture, I bet they already know how much Plant Protection subjects I've been taking since my 4th semester. And yes, I'm forever grateful for trying out the first ever elective of plant protection- Pest control of horticultural crop, or so it sounds that way. Sorry I forgot the real full name.eheh.

So, back to Prof, I first learnt from him during Biological Control of Pest subject. And sure enough, I felt intrigued during his lessons. I'm the type of person who rarely answers in class even if I know the answer. I just... don't answer since I have massive stage fright and anxiety. Yes, even introducing myself in class is enough to make me tremble. This reminds me, perhaps I shall do an entry bout presenting and stuff kot.hmm.

Ouhkay, so, being the 'shy' person that I am, I was quite nervous when in Prof's class since he likes to ask questions-LOTS of questions. Lagi lagi sebab kelas tu like 12 people i think. Dr. Jugah have the same habit as well,but that I'll describe in other entry.

Somehow, Prof has his way of making people want to try answering. And he is aware of our body language, like we wanna answer,but scared or not confident enough. So he'll be like, "takpe, explain la. boleh?"  That's the main thing, he makes student feel like they can have a shot at explaining themselves. If the explanation isn't accurate enough, he'll ask more questions to ensure we do understand what we understand. If we can't, he'll guide us of course ^.^

And yeah, he's impressive , I mean, he studied at 3 diff countries, involved with various companies, asked to be consultant here and there, be panel for pesticide board or something, he's been featured lotsa time in newspapers, and many more that I can't recall. It's like,
he truly channeled his knowledge in every way possible *_*

I think the main reason to really enjoy his class is his readiness in listening to student's voices, and try to help us as much as possible. And it doesn't apply just in class. He's ready to help even outside of class hours as well. That act itself can really attract positive vibe in learning.

I like those kinds of teachers, those that remember that students are there to learn. Sure enough, there are somethings that we should already know, but hey, everyone's always learning. ^_^

To be able to know a teacher that gives some sort of encouragement, support and ideas really is one of the many blessings from god. :D