Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Horticulture #1

Marcotting a.k.a Tut a.k.a Air layering.

Knowledge is to be shared. ^_^ So in this post I'm gonna share about as you can read above, marcotting. This technique has a few names but all in all, it's the same thing.

This technique is use to propagate new plants vegetatively.

The end result is that roots shall emerge from the parts that we've cleared. then we can cut the 'marcotted' branch and move it into a medium.

Materials and apparatus used : Budding knife, Jiffy 7, pail, plastic, 'plastic rope'/ tali rafia, rooting powder

In brief, here's the steps involved.
  1. Soak Jiffy 7 or peat block in water. We soak it first so that when it's time to use it,it's ready.
    Jiffy 7 soaked in water

  2. Make 2 cuts, the 2nd cut is approximately 4cm above the first cut, then remove the bark.
    2 cuts

    Removal of bark

  3. The exposed part is then scraped; removing the phloem and cambium part of the plant
Scraping exposed part
     4. Tie a plastic(that will be used to wrap the Jiffy 7) around the branch. This ease the work of wrapping the plastic around the Jiffy 7.
Tie one end of the plastic

      5. Put rooting powder (to enhance root emergence) onto the exposed part.
The white powder is the rooting powder

Rooting powder. The number 2 means that this is for semi hard wood. There are also 1 and 3.

       6. Wrap the Jiffy 7 around the area and tie the other end of the plastic.
Split the Jiffy 7 in half

Wrap it nicely around the area

Cover the Jiffy 7 with plastic

Anddd tie it nicely :D

There you have it! This is really brief and simple explanation, you could always search from other sites if you're interested.

By the way, you can always use soil instead of Jiffy 7, wet it and make it into ball shape. then split it in half to wrap around the area. :D

Oh yea, this was done on Jambu batu plant, or Psidium guajava . According to our instructor, it takes a few months until the roots emerge.

That's it for now, until then, Goodbye~ ^_^

p/s : you are most welcome to add in facts or even correct me. :D