Thursday, 6 November 2014

Still me?


Well, I’m in the middle of finishing my assignments and suddenly decided to write what’s been on my mind then and now. You can say I’m a multi-tasker :p

Okay, btw, back to the topic(which I never mention before but it’s my blog so huh.) Okay,dah.
Basically the topic that I’m trying to open or just briefly write about is about growing up.

I’m the kind of girl who writes to her future self.haha. K, so, in those letters, there are some that expresses my frustrations, sadness, happiness and all kinds of emotions at that moment. Looking back, the past me never thought how all those emotions and experience that I once thought would just crash me, actually builds me. Shape and nurture me into the person I am now.

No, I’m not implying that I’m an oh so angelic nice perfect lady,er I’m far from that. No, it’s just that those experiences made me wiser and stronger, taught me how to think rationally rather than emotionally and I know how to cooperate with certain situations that occur again. Like when I fight with those I care about, instead of building up walls and shuts them down, I learn to control my temper and ego. Though sometimes those emotions do get the best of me.
It’s just that I’m still growing, learning and along the way,, I do make mistakes, I do stray from the road now and then, but I’m still trying to fix it. I’m still fighting for the me that I deserve.
And guess what,, you can be perfect, in the way that you are. Really, if you need to compare yourself, compare the you now with the you before. Yea, you should look around too, but just for inspiration and guidance. We don’t have to be like them, we are who we are in the best way possible. With that being said, it means we do have room for improvement, but in our own way.

I’ve been hearing  all sorts of life stories and I do admire those who through it all, triumphs over the pain instead of giving up. I have my own story, you have your own story. We don’t have to compare our life to see who does it best. Nope, there is no certain indication of how much a person is suffering or being happy. The cycle of that person has it worse than you, that person has it better than you is never ending. Let’s not get into that then.

Growing up, for me, means learning to be the better person. In any kind of case. Being the better person is when you're the person that forgives, doesn't fight unnecessarily, and other sorta stuff that makes you better than the person you're facing. If we could really understand this, I can assure you, you won’t be dwelling on those silly teenage drama on fb or twitter or Instagram. Okay, maybe I do dwell a lil, just a lil tiny bit.haha, I’m just a girl growing up,bear with me. :p

Most importantly, let’s not judge people. Sure, there’s always the first thought and impression, but what you do with that thought is what’s counted.

I’m a sinner, you’re a sinner.
Who are we to judge who goes to heaven or hell?

So there you go.  I’m still growing up, I make stupid mistakes, I act silly, I have my good and bad. So let’s grow up together and be a better person day by day.


May Allah bless us all. ^_^