Tuesday, 24 June 2014

One, two, go.

Take a step. Small step. If you can't, just stand there. Stand for a while till you have that courage to step again. The most important thing is, never give up to go forward.
                                                                                                                                    - Mama, 2014

There is, at a point of our life when circumstances kinda knock us down. So hard that we feel like we can't go any further. So tough that we feel, this is it. That's it. But then, my Mama gave me those words. True enough, sometimes no matter how strong we tried to be, we just feel like we couldn't bear it anymore. That's when we need to halt for a while. Take a deep breath, clear out the mind and see which path are we going to.

It's not easy,it takes time. But remember :
So, verily, with every hardship, there is ease. 

It is repeated in the Al- Insyirah that for every hardship there will be ease, InshaAllah.

We just have to be patient and endure the pain for a while. "A while" might be long for some. But just remember that He won't put us through a test that is more than we can handle. 

Pray more, live your life more,spend time with your loved ones more and most importantly, don't lose yourself through all the storms.

Often, when we face hard times, we seem to discover our potential, what we're made of, more than during our happy times. Maybe because our limits are pushed and we somehow have to adapt and change, if needed.

So, let's not take the hard time wholly as a negative thing, it sure has a positive side too.

Take one step at a time. One day, everything will be better. InshaAllah. ^_^