Saturday, 31 May 2014

Peace and Hatred

"Forgive not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve inner peace"
Inner peace. Suddenly I remembered Kungfu Panda.haha,okay now back to what I'm trying to imply based on this saying.

Hello, I'm in my study week and instead of making notes, I'm updating my blog. K.

Anyway, a lot of stuff happened recently. Oh well,stuff will keep on happening till our last breath.
So, a friend asked me this, "What did you learn from this?" (in a certain situation) I took a deep breath and thought of what to answer. At that moment, I couldn't give a specific answer. Now, after some thinking(eceyh) I guess this is what I learnt :

1. Forgive and forgive and forgive. Forget what they did, but, don't forget the impact of it.

All of us somehow, sometime, somewhere, do wrongdoings. Maybe directly to Allah, and maybe to someone without us noticing. Therefore, forgive others and pray to Allah that those that we hurt shall forgive us too. We would want forgiveness right? So why be selfish in giving forgiveness? #notetoself

Forget what they did, but not the impact. This simply means, take lesson from it. BUT, don't hold grudges. We don't know maybe the next day they already repented. But we still have grudges over them. Now ask ourselves, who's at loss now?

Not only that, holding grudges means putting a certain spot for that frustration and hatred. We won't hurt anyone but ourselves by doing that. We hurt ourselves by thinking " That person did this to me" and we'll have flashbacks on what they did. Then, we'll get hurt. See, we just hurt ourselves.

I know it's hard, trust me, I'm a horticulturist*tetibe*
Serious talk, I do know it's hard.

It takes time, though some people might get over it faster than others. Alhamdulillah for them. :D
For us, who take some time to recover, it's okay, take one step at a time. It'll all be alright, InsyaAllah.

Sometimes, when we depend too much on people, we tend to forget the real helper, Allah.
Maybe that's why Allah take the person who's been helping us, maybe for a while, or forever, to help us remember the real helper. We shouldn't depend on humans, we depend on Allah.
And He will give help either directly or through His creatures. So let's not sweat it shall we?

Grant us clean and pure heart, mind and soul Ya Allah. Amin.

That's it for now,peace be upon you. ^_^