Monday, 4 August 2014


"Would you stay?"

Over time, I realised that the people that are meant to stay in your life will stay; no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much of your dark side revealed and no matter how often things get ugly, they'll stay. Not because everything is perfect, but because everything is perfectly okay with them. At the end of the day, that person is still the one that we want and need in our life.

When I realised of those people, well, sometimes I'd wonder "How could you stand a person like me?"
The answer, I guess would be just like how I would answer to those who matters to me, " It's just that I don't necessarily like everything that you do,no, I just, I like having you around, you're like a puzzle piece that somehow fits mine, and those downsides of you are just another proof that you're a human and I can live with that. I want to live with that. Our differences let us grow to be more matured in accepting each other. And perhaps our differences could inspire us to be better".

Sometimes, there are people who inspire us, change the way we see things and give us courage but didn't stay for long. Maybe it's just not meant to be or maybe not yet meant to be.
Thank them anyway, that brief moment together did you good and you shouldn't be frowning about it.
That's one way to live a life without regrets.

Grasp the moment, be in the moment.
And don't just ask people to stay while you're going in and out of people's life. Make an effort to stay and make the best out of it.
So that when the time comes for you to go, you'll leave the person with a smile and you'll be smiling as well.

Oh yea, perhaps you should tell the people you want to stay in your life that,, you do want them to stay and they do matter to you. Here's a secret, most people can't read minds not even body language hints whatsoever.
Shocking isn't it?? ('o') Hee

May peace be upon you ^_^