Saturday, 12 January 2013



yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy~~!! XDD

yes,sangat happy dah habis sem 1. a lot of sweet memories. gained cool and awesome friends (Y)

I think the most important part is that, the first semester exposed me to tons of new things. (positive things of course. :D ) 

One of the most valuable experience is venturing into horticulture course. Since i'm such a NOOB in agriculture stream,well,let's just say i find myself quite a number of times, in awe. like seriously there's lotsa stuff i just found out since taking up this course. Yea,it's just the first sem,but i've learnt to appreciate the nature more, and indirectly open my eyes towards the beauty of nature that Allah create.

Belajar from scratch, belajar dari cara mencampur tanah manually jugak made me realize the hardwork of people out there in this field. Ingat senang ke?mau patah pinggang tau?hahaha,tak caye cuba try test ;D Surely, there are technologies that ease the works in this field now,but there are certain things that you can't replace : The realisation of hard-work and the feel of content when you finished it.  I also learnt planting seeds,transplanting it, caring for it and watching it grow. Ceyh dah macam jaga anak pulak

Okay,so I'm not writing a synopsis on what I've learnt in the course (tapi mcm dah bg synopsis je.ehm.)

Kengkawan coursemate pulak macam mane ye? diorang sangat daebakkk~ XD hebat ye maksudnye bg yg tak layan kpop kpop nih.hee. Eventhough banyak sgt tak sme class, I don't feel left out when I'm with them. Thank you friends :') terharu sebentar.haha.

Sem ni banyak gak lah 'Forever Alone' moments *sobsob* since my friends ade class when I'm free and my friends are free when I'm in class. Tapi takpelah since I have Allah and that is all I need to get me going :D

To conclude it all, I loved whatever that happened eventhough there are certain things that hurt. 
Whatever happened in life is experience and there's always a silver lining for every cloud. Wallahu'alam ^_^

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