Thursday, 18 April 2013

attract ALL the positive charge!

"Kalau kita ingat kat ALlah, Allah akan ingat kat kita"

That was one of many of my friend's advice. She also said,
" Kadang kadang kita akan lebih tension n gelisah bila kita terlalai. Lebihkan kerja dunia sampai terlalai nak jaga hubungan dgn Allah"
True. That is definitely true. Why? Because as fragile human beings, we often remember Allah the most when we're down. With that being said, I'll emphasize here that we should not just remember Him in times of desperation ONLY. We should remember Him all the time.

If you find yourself in desperation, feeling like everything is not right, and you suddenly realised you've been neglecting your duty as a khalifah, it is a good thing. At least, with all the madness happening, Allah is giving a hint to you. A hint so that you'll go back and ask Him for help, thank him for all the ease you got so far and to never leave you ibadah behind. There's still time for you to improve.

So friends, if you're facing difficulties and can't seem to get out of it, let's go back to the start (a note to self as well). It's never too late until you're in your deathbed.

And, if possible, surround yourself with positive people, with friends who are there to support you in times of breaking down *hashtag atin *hashtag nina *hashtag kak dayah XD

Ouh, and if my beautiful sister is reading this, I didn't mengadu to you cause i know you have more stuff to handle than my tiny little problems :D :*

Forgive me for my mood swings, sometimes it's too much for me. I'm still learning how to be strong.hehe.

Okay, enough time spent here. Assalamualaikum, have a good day. ^_^

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