Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Program          : Bachelor of Science Horticulture
Program Code : 54

Nee, Tien, Nita, Naa, Jan
I love love love this photo!hahah. It's like everyone is in a character. A cold - based characters.

Nee - A sly cold hearted person
Tien - An arrogant cold hearted person
Nita - A couldn't careless cold hearted person
Naa - A serious in her own world cold hearted person
Jan - The mediocre of the group. Slighty nice though cold hearted

This was taken before we start our soil science lab. That's what's up with the lab coats. We're the UiTM, KMPh and KMJ former students as you can see :D

And I like how Nita is in the middle with the only one showing UPM lanyard.  

The story behind this picture, Naa and Nita ketawa macam ape je.ceh. Tengok jelah gambar bawah ni haa

muka kitorg bertiga maintain je kan kan?haha :P
Sometimes you just gotta loosen up,and do fun things with your friends. (things that doesn't go against the syariah of course =.=)

This was a kinda spontaneous 'shooting' actually. Tetibe put our collars up and " weyh jom gambar dracula" "ha,jom dracula dracula"

Bila lecturer masuk kami diam dan kembali focus. Well,that is until the sleepiness came creeping in. 
But that's another story XD

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