Monday, 15 July 2013


Hm, sorry i forgot to mention what AAACU is. =.=

AAACU - Asian Association of Agricultural College and Universities .

The vision:
Human resource development for sustainable agriculture in Asia to contribute to human welfare, dignity and quality of rural life

The objectives : 
-To facilitate international cooperation among the member institutions to enhance the effectiveness of programs in agricultural education, research and extension services;

-To share experiences and information regarding new development in agricultural education and research through conferences, seminars, newsletters, website, etc.;

- To represent the agricultural education systems in Asia to the regional and global organizations and governments in Asia.

Those who attended were the representatives of their Universities which are the member of AAACU. 
They came during their summer break for a 10 days stay in Malaysia. Knowledge was passed on through lectures and field trips. 

That's the AAACU Summer Programme 2013. :D
It was awesome.

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