Monday, 29 July 2013


As the title goes, this post is randomly from my experience this past few weeks ;D

Situation 1 :

This is definitely the shopping season as Hari Raya is only days away. As usual, the whole family will go to the shopping mall and this causes the Situation 1 to happen : Kids screaming, wailing and rolling on the floor crying =.= It is super annoying to me (now I just look like I hate em) Well,I do like kids, but not annoying ones. I mean, I know those kids are feeling stuffy as well and they might be tired and hungry, I don’t blame them, but I blame the parents. The parents please control your child! ni tak, lagi yang parents nye duk try2 baju and simply ignores the poor kid =.= come on lahh. Especially in enclosed shops, the noise is doubled.

Alhamdulillah Ramadan, kena banyak bersabar….*inhale exhale*

Situation 2 :

Couple wearing couple tees everywhere! Okay this one for me is quite funny. You know what, I think the only ones that feel oh so romantic and cute and sweet wearing same clothes are just the couple themselves.haha. Rasa macam nak cakap “ alololololo,suweet sgt la tuuw?” hahaha. Well,maybe it’s just me . Who knows you might feel the same as those couples kan?hahah. The most funny was the Superman tshirt couple. I had to look away in order not to offend them. Terasa pulak nanti, padahal  tade pape punn XD
this is the exact shirt i was talking about- i added the red lines to make it similar though. :D

Situation 3 :

Fill ALL the parking lots! Gahhh,if you’re 5 mins late,no, 1 min late you can never find a parking spot. okay,over. Takdelah tak jumpa tapi lama gak lah, dlm sejam je.huuu. That day I went to Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. Seriously, it’s like there’s no hope at all to find a parking space. Pusing punya pusing kitorang lalu lah tepi handicapped punya area. Guess what, nobody took advantage of that empty space. They just drove by. Faith in humanity restored! 

Memang masa tu kosong, tapi cuba bayangkan if 6.5 mins later a handicapped wants to park there. Tak ke dah teraniaya orang tu. Nampak kecil je action tu tapi besar akibatnya.

Situation 4 :

The smell of food that makes your stomach go “gurrrgurrrrkrukkkkrukkk” T.T What else can I say? I know you feel me,bro.huhu. Hey, that day I was listening to Hijjaz - Sifat Mahmudah. And a few of the lines are about sabar. It goes like this : Ujian yang menimpa, sakit dirasa. Tapi dapat ditahan perasaannya, hanya bermain di dalam sahaja, di luar tidak nampak terang nyata. That made me think. I think this is why people always remind us not to say “I’m hungryyyyy T^T” or anything related. It’s about having the patience. If we’re patient with this hunger test, we won’t announce it to the whole world. We contain it in our heart and stomach. You get me?

Salam Ramadan to all. May this Ramadan be better than the last. :)

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