Thursday, 10 April 2014

Castles in the sky

"Dream a little bit more, put in effort bigger than before because you'll never know which part of your dream shall come true."

Don't just dream it, do it. I think this phrase is heard a lot already. But sometimes, people forget to see another part of dreaming; the vast possibility of how things should be.

Some people might say, " Yea I have a dream, and it's a rational logical kinda dream" Sure, that is correct as well but, it's a DREAMMMM. Just dream on, dream big, dream illogically, dream as far as your imagination can go but just remember one thing : Put your dream to work. Make it a reality.

I always imagine what I can be and do in the future even when I know it might be quite impossible, I still hold on to that dream. Why? Because I'll never know when or which dream shall come true.

Though you have to remember to grasp the reality as well, dream is just like a,,motivation for you. A drive to keep you going. In fact, if one of your dreams does not come true, you can always move on to the next one. Or keep on working on that dream at the same time. Up to you.

Making your dream a reality is the real deal. Will your effort be as far as your dream stretches? Are you willing to take on the challenges you might face in pursuing that dream? Surely those who dare to dream must also be bold and brave, a warrior of some sort. eceyh,over. 

Ehem, okay so what I'm trying to line out here is that with my encouragement to you to dream bigger, make sure your actions are bigger. It's the only way to make it happen anyway.

Along with the dream comes hope and expectation. And with those two, disappointment can tag along.
And when that disappointment kicks in, you need to have faith that it'll be alright.

People who are afraid to hope, shall never get to anywhere. You'll be too scared to face the disappointment that can break your heart. It shouldn't be that way though.

Maybe you didn't realize this, but being disappointed means you know you can do it. Maybe not on the first try, the second or even the third but you'll make it,somehow and someday. You just have to have the faith.

And remember, for everything that happened, be it good or bad, there's a lesson to it.

So open up your heart and mind. It's okay, everyone gets hurt every once in a while. How you treat the wound and what you do after that shall make a difference.

May Allah bless all of us and grant us our wishes in His best way. Amin.

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