Friday, 4 April 2014

Writing out le thoughts

Sashiburi. Em, maybe that's how to write it down. It means been a while. I guess. (influence from japanese drama la ni.hee)

Anyway, as the title stated, I'm writing the thoughts that's been lingering through my head for quite a while.
Well, we should share stuffs that are beneficial to others right? Macam perasan my thoughts bagus pula kan. Takpe, bear with me. :D

#1 : 
If you're thinking of doing something good, DO IT right away. You might not get that same feeling or chance again.
If you're thinking of doing something bad, HOLD IT. You might not be able to repent some other time.

#2 :
While other people say " Don't judge someone because you don't know the story behind it" ,
 I'd say " Don't judge someone because you're in no position to judge them."

#3 :
Hold on to what matters most

#4 :
Pray hard - in happiness, grief, sadness, anxiety, content, mad, calm. You just have to pray to God, and have faith that He'll make it all better.

#5 :
If we really miss someone, pray for them.

#6 :
Be courageous. There's always a new castle of dream to build.

#7 :
It's never too late to be that great and awesome person you want to be.

#8 :
Find peace in His words.

#9 :
I am never perfect and won't be. But at least, I could say I've given my best.

#10 :
Loving someone is accepting their flaws and beauty. 
Guess that's why our mothers love us unconditionally.

#11 :
Spread your knowledge. Put it to good use. That's the reason why we learn anyway.

#12 :
Do what you love, do it passionately. 

Guess that's all for now. Maybe there'll be some other thoughts to come. MAYBE. :D
Let's pray that all of us will be under Allah's blessing now and forever. Amin.

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