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Sabah - Day 3

 16th of April.

Manukan Island àJ&JHotel à  KKIA à KLIA2 à HOMEEEEEE!


That morning, we walked to Jesselton Point which is just 15 mins of walking away from our hotel. Upon arrival, there were lotsa ticket counters and almost all of em(ticket boy) were calling us to buy their tickets. All of those people are from legal companies. There are only 3 harbour that are legal if I’m not mistaken – Sutera Harbour, Jesselton Point and I don’t remember the other one. Yeah you can take boats from other place, but at your own risk. We didn’t wanna risk anything, so there we were, baffled by which counter should we go to. I don’t like any sales related person to persuade me, I mean like, the more you persuade, the more I will back away and just go away…awkwardly……

Anyway, we chose counter number three. Since I did read a blog saying she chose that counter upon reading some other blog. So yeah, I’m passing the word around in my blog too.blogception. I’m not sure about other counters, but you can check it out if you wanna.

You can choose how many island you wanna go to. In our case, we chose only one island since there’s time constraint. We chose Manukan as through reading and opinions of friends, Manukan is the prettiest and if you have to choose one, choose that island. We also rented snorkeling gears- life jacket and snorkeling mask.

10 mins before 9.00a.m, we head towards Manukan. The first stop was Sapi Island, and few people got off. Then we continued our journey to Manukan. The view was beautiful, I can see the cluster of islands, and there are parts where you can see the corals under the sea. As our excitement rosed, we reached Manukan. Snapped a few pictures from the boat, said thanks to our boat driver and off we went up the Manukan jetty. As usual, both of us made such a fuss over the beautiful sea. Memang nampak laa ikan2 and coral ape semua. The water was sooooo clear.

We settled down at a bench near the lifeguard post. And sat for a moment to sip in the beauty and just admire the scenery. Anddd, we were also wondering macam mana nak snorkeling sebenarnya. Both of us can swim. But, how do we know where to snorkel……there are areas you’re allowed to go but there’s only the two of us, so yeah, we do take that into consideration.

Luckily, a lifeguard passing by asked us why aren’t we snorkeling yet and offered to take us snorkeling. Before going further away from the beach, he made us practice with our mask. Not as easy as I thought it would be. Not really that hard either, you just have to be sure of your breathing and don’t move your face muscles so much. Terbenam dalam air nanti mata tu sebab air masuk mask. 

Trust me, we did that.haha.

Since we were such noobs, he decided to take us individually. Sifa went off first and there I was sitting alone in the water practicing breathing using the mask. A lifeguard passed by and asked if I’m okay and he went off warming up by swimming in the sea. 

After some time, Sifa came back with the lifeguard and gave me a few tips:
1.       Iznee, apa apa pun jangan senyum, jangan excited sangat tau. Sifa tadi excited sangat pastu cakap waaaa pastu habis air masuk mask.

Okay. Kena excited dalam hati je.

2.       Gigit tau yg breathing mouthpiece tu and rapatkan bibir. Tadi sifa tak tutup ketat, masuk air.

Hearing that, I kept my expression as poker as possible for almost an hour under the water no matter what passed through.haha.

I took off with the lifeguard which I later learnt called as Z(pronounced as zack). For the first part, there were lotsa fishies~~~ corals were pretty as well, but Z later brought me to another part which are full of huge and beautiful corals *__* I screamed inside my head and heart lotsa time. Took lots of self control there. There were clown fishes,which are biggg, colourful fishies, which I now know is the parrot fish. I called it Ikan Pakai Makeup sebab macam pakai green eyeshadow with blue mascara.heheh. There was a stingray in between the coral, it was gray with blue lines, a lionfish resting on a coral, big fishes which are awesome and scary at the same time. Blue, yellow and red corals. And the best part is when we reached the end of the coral reef, the corals are lined down like a cliff and the water there was so colddd. I felt as if I'm in some national geographic show.

I lost track of time, but all I know was I can’t hold the mouthpiece properly as I was trembling(I was cold) and feeling quite tired(padahal Z yang do all the swimming.haha. Thanks Z) . I wanna continue snorkeling but since the tiredness and coldness is kicking in, we had to stop and we Z swam us back to the beach.

When I got to the beach, a lifeguard called out and told me that Sifa is snorkeling for a second round with another lifeguard. And so I waited for her, came back, took selfies and prepare to board our boat. We snorkeled for about an hour or more kot.

Walked back to our hotel, buat apa patut and head to airport.

EXPENDITURES: 1 island visit + snorkeling gear = RM40- ini student price if I’m not mistaken, taxi to airport = RM30, Penalty for over check out time(check out time was 12.00p.m) = RM10 per hour.

Tak ingat pulau Gaya ke Sapi

Mamutik and Manukan at the back

Sapi Island

dari atas pun dah clear macam ni, masuk lagi lahh~~

Manukan Island

Entrance Manukan Island

pemandangan dari otw ke Jesselton point

Mamutik view from Manukan

Manukan beach

Manukan jetty

muka lepas snorkeling

another Mamutik view from Manukan

Our boat driver for the day

That night, we left Sabah with a quite heavy heart, but still glad that we’re heading home. It was a nice trip. Worth everything we went through. It does make me feel, I’d like to visit Sabah again. ^_^

Wrapping it up : 

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