Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sabah - Journey of a soul

You know the saying that says,“buy experience, it’ll last you a lifetime”
Well, I do believe in that. 

The more you go to places, especially those that are different than your common environment, you’ll open your eyes, mind and heart more. You realize things you never did, you learn how to be with people of different backgrounds. I do love that, learning the difference between people. You got to appreciate your own thing more and respect other people’s.

And being just the two of us there, it taught me to be more independent.
Independent mode : ON. 
You learn to plan, to adjust, to cope with different environment, to understand yourself and travelling partner more and you see things you’ve never seen before. But of course, get your niat straight,why you wanna go to certain places. 

And always pray before doing anything. ^_^

For me, I experienced a wonderful mind, heart and body experience. Especially since most of the place we visited made us closer to nature. And it’s a nice escapism, made me feel alive XD

To be able to see flowers that I’ve always read about in text books, is a kind of satisfaction for me. It’s like “I found you! I saw, read and adored you and now I found you!” yeahh,that sorta feeling,seriously.

Live life with enthusiasm. Then you’ll know what you want. There’s sooo much more to be explored *_* 

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